November 25, 2011

Basketball Babe

Meg has picked up some great basketball skills lately by playing with her brother and dad. When the next oldest player is more than a foot taller and 6 years older than you, I guess you learn quick or get out of the game. Today she showed off for me a little. She's getting so big... how do I slow down time?


November 18, 2011

Turkey time

A few days ago Meg came and climbed on my lap and asked to look at the ultra sound pictures of the baby again. We went through the pictures and came to this one:

We got into a discussion about what it was she was looking at. We talked about the difference between boys and girls. "Oh," she says. "that's his penis." Yes, that's how we know it's a boy. "Ok." she said and climbed down and walked off.
Today I picked her up at Pre-school and went to collect her craft. I look down the table at the other children's crafts of puppet turkeys with feathers on their heads. On the way home I asked her how come her turkey only had one feather. "That's not a feather, Mom. That's his penis. That's how we know he's a boy turkey."

Of course it is. Facts of life, kids. There's no getting around them.