March 27, 2008

Cutest Baby

Hello All. We have a favor to ask. We know you all have the cutest babies ever. We think your kiddos are pretty darn cute too. We entered Megan in a Seattle's Cutest Baby contest through a local radio station. Today is her category voting day. We were wondering if you have time and really do think that she is the cutest Meg on the board, if you would go to the site and cast a vote for our little darling. You can vote more than once, but I think the votes have to be more than 10 minutes apart or something like that so if you have a beautiful baby entered, let us know and we will vote for them too. I am not sure, but you may have to register with the site before voting, but it's free and I haven't gotten any spam at all from them in the 3 weeks or so I have been registered. The link is The voting takes place over a period of time. Right now they are narrowing it down to the top 500, in a couple of weeks it goes to 100 and sometime in May they announce the winner. So if she makes the cut this round, we will let you know. Thanks so much. Hope everyone has a great day. (She's the first of the Meg's.) Here's the picture we used:

March 14, 2008

Meg's new favorite thing

A couple of weeks ago we found a bike seat that would work for the back of dad's bike. When Bug was small and we lived in the land of sunshine, it was his favorite thing to go for rides with dad. We decided to let Meg have a go at it. Something you should know about her personality is that she's always on the go. Higher, faster, more is her personal motto. If it moves, swings, bounces or even looks remotely fun, she wants to be in or on it. She's a thrill seeker. We didn't think she would have a problem with the bike, and she didn't. She LOVES it. She gets excited every time we put her in the seat, until the helmet comes out. Usually she forgets about it pretty quickly as she speeds down the hill with dad, screeching with glee. I wish my camera video capture mode had sound. You will just have to imagine.

March 8, 2008

Wait, What happened to 15?

I was laying in bed a few days ago, at 5:50 am when then baby woke up, listening to her fuss and hoping she would fall back asleep. (She didn't.) I started thinking about our upcoming anniversary trip. I am so excited to go with hubby and have some grown up time away. It's been a long time. I commented to him that it's going to be a great 15th anniversary. He looked at me and told me it's our 16th anniversary. Did I loose an entire year? Last year I was on bedrest, but I think we went to the movies anyway. I really didn't remember this was the 16th year. Between 13 Trident deployments, 2 years on a sub tender away from home, a WESTPAC, and all of the other Navy stuff, we really haven't spent nearly 16 years together. I can't decide if sea time makes your actual married years count as half or double. Whatever the case, Happy Anniversary Sweetheart. It doesn't matter how long we have been together in the scheme of things. Forever means a long time to come.

Happy Anniversary Husband!

Bouncy, Trouncy, Flouncy, Pouncy, and full of FUN FUN FUN

We happened to be in the right place at the right time and brought home a gently used trampoline a couple of weeks ago. It was in our price range, free. Every day since setting it up, Bug and Dad have been out there bouncing. It's good exercise, great fun and time well spent together. Not to be left out, whenever Meg notices they have gone out without her, she's protesting and demanding her turn. I have been out there a few times too, and it's way better than the thighmaster.

People keep asking, "Isn't it dangerous?" Well, yes. So are a lot of other things in life. We try to be careful but things do happen. The first night we had it up Bug got matt burn on his forehead, dad hurt his back and I rolled wrong on my shoulder. We have learned how to fall better though and our skills are improving along with our saftey. We should have one of those reader boards that say "XX days without an accident on the trampoline".

March 6, 2008

Sure, that's a possibility

So I went to look around for this hat online. I went to, and I have never been there before. Beautiful work. I need to get in on that racket. Anyway, I found this hat I love, it's darling. Here's the pic:
(not my baby)

Cute, isn't it? It's crocheted. It's $70. That's over the budget for my party. Crazy. So I called Grandma, who makes everything and asked her about it. She said she would look at it and get back to me. Is my 1 year old going to remember the hat at her birthday party? Probably not, but if I have a hand made crocheted hat from my Grandma, I certainly will remember it. And there will always be the pictures. I guess we will wait and see.