February 24, 2010

Duh Mom

Meggie: Why am I wearing this shirt?
Me: Because it says 'Navy' on it. Daddy's in the Navy.
Meggie: No, he's not Mom. He's in the garage.

Meggie's trying to learn the basics of potty training. This conversation made me laugh and laugh.
Meggie: I have to go potty Mama.
Me: Ok. Let's hurry to the potty.
Meg undresses and sits on the potty and strains her little face.
Me: Are you going to go pee pee?
Meggie: Nope, I can't go pee pee Mom. I don't have a Penis.
(according to big brother, that's a requirement to go pee. Misinformation is not our friend.)

While watching me dress the other day, she commented
"You have big ones, and me and daddy have small ones. That's good."

Also overheard the other day : "My baby has hair in her eyes. She needs a haircut. I need a haircut too. Where does mommy keep the scissors?"  Way up high, little one. Where you will never find them on your own.

February 21, 2010

A New Home

You could call it luck, or Serendipity. I call it blessed. I know we are being watched over, and directed in every thing we do. We had decided to take our time getting to So Cal and visit people and see things. By Tuesday night we had a sense of urgency we hadn't felt before. We both wanted to get there in a hurry, not knowing why. We pulled into the housing office on Thursday shortly before they closed and even before we had found a hotel for the night. As it turned out, there was one house avaible that we qualifed for. The next day. Just after we got there someone else came in too. I have a feeling they were after the same house. Whatever it was, I know we are where we are meant to be, even if the road ahead will be hard.

  Bug's school is right across the street and they have a great Highly Capable program here. He's starting to settle in. The neighborhood is fairly small, even if it is on a busy street. All of our neighbors seem to keep things up well and our house backs up to a park of sorts. All in all, a nice place. We look forward to getting the rest of the boxes unpacked and out of here. And Justin really wants his garage to work in. All in good time.

We already have had our first visitor. The kids are having a ball with Grandpa Joe, even if he does make them tow the line now and then. He also spoils them relentlessly.
  We have a home again. It feels good. Back to real life!