January 29, 2012

Long few days

 It's been a long few days at our house. Last week the little one decided he wanted out, kind of. I went in for a regular appointment and sat on the monitor for my required 20 minutes when they came back and asked me if I was feeling those contractions. Yep, sure am. Been having them like that for a while. Not the answer I should have given. Over at Labor and Delivery a few minutes later I was again hooked up and waiting to be checked. One freaked out Dr. Resident and 45 minutes later, I knew I was going to be a while. After some back and forth and being told to sit in the waiting room for 2 hours before another check, I was beyond tired. I didn't stay in the waiting room, but came home and took care of kids who were in school (short appt, remember?) and went back. Then they wanted me to wait another hour for another check and I politely declined. This new Dr. Resident told me she didn't know if I would know when I actually went into labor. Funniest thing I had heard all day. I told her I would be the first to tell her when it was happening.

I am progressing, just as I did with the other two babies. Things happen a little early for me, but I tend to hang on in the end. When people ask me how long I was in labor with Megan I tell them 6 weeks, and about 4 hours. Her labor started with a freak-out and trip to a far away hospital and bedrest for 6 weeks before it really kicked up and she was born in about 4 hours of actual hard labor time. It was similar with Adam. I started contracting and progressing with him at 33 weeks and he hung in there until he was good and ready, a full month later. I have a feeling this baby will be here sooner than later, but every day counts. I am trying to exercise my patience and rely on my amazing hubby to keep me calm and centered. He's doing a great job of not letting me freak out and just "Get it over with".

Only a few more days of bedrest before I will feel way more comfortable with the timetable and baby can come with no reservations on my part. Of course if the Dr.'s keep messing around with all of their "checking" and "being cautious" it may be a lot sooner. I am pretty sure I will know when I am in real labor and trust my body to do what it needs to do when the time comes. Being high risk is hard, but I still think I know me pretty well. Will keep you all posted!


January 7, 2012

Random conversations with a 4 year old

A little background here... the neighbor boy next door who is about 9 got into a motorcycle accident while on with his dad a few weeks back. The cast just came off and we were talking about that earlier in the day.

While in the backseat of the car, Meg notices a Guy and Girl riding a motorcycle. He was driving, she was on back, both wearing helmets. The converstation went like this...

Meg: Mom, when am I old enough to ride a motorcycle?
Me: (trying not revealing my motorcycle phobia) Ummm.... never.
Meg: Well, when am I old enough to ride a motorcycle with a boy on the front and me in the back? When we wear our helmets?
Me: A long time from never.
Meg: What about when I am a helicopter pilot? Then can I ride a motorcycle?
Me: Let's talk about it when you are a pilot.
Meg: When I get married and have a husband are you still the boss of me?
Me: I'm your mom. I'm the boss of you forever.
Meg: I have to think about that.