January 7, 2012

Random conversations with a 4 year old

A little background here... the neighbor boy next door who is about 9 got into a motorcycle accident while on with his dad a few weeks back. The cast just came off and we were talking about that earlier in the day.

While in the backseat of the car, Meg notices a Guy and Girl riding a motorcycle. He was driving, she was on back, both wearing helmets. The converstation went like this...

Meg: Mom, when am I old enough to ride a motorcycle?
Me: (trying not revealing my motorcycle phobia) Ummm.... never.
Meg: Well, when am I old enough to ride a motorcycle with a boy on the front and me in the back? When we wear our helmets?
Me: A long time from never.
Meg: What about when I am a helicopter pilot? Then can I ride a motorcycle?
Me: Let's talk about it when you are a pilot.
Meg: When I get married and have a husband are you still the boss of me?
Me: I'm your mom. I'm the boss of you forever.
Meg: I have to think about that.


Annalia said...

That is adorable!

I'm with you. In our conversations about motorcycles, I never fail to mention their cousin Adam (actually Tony's cousin, but closer to Anthony's age) who died in a motorcycle accident at age 16. Not cool.

Islandalli said...

My issues stem from seeing an accident up close when I was very young and remembering my mom be the first one on the scene to help him. I don't think he made it either. They have scared me from that day.

Moore Family said...

All mom's must have this same conversation over something dangerous their kids want to do. I chuckled over the scenarios Meg came up with and your classic response: "I will always be the boss over you." :0) And then they turn 14.....