May 31, 2012

Speech Masters

Adam competed this year in Speech Master's. This was his speech in the finals. He won for his school! He's a great public speaker. Way to go kiddo!

May 22, 2012

A new look

This morning I had finally had it. The crying, screaming and hiding the hair brush had to end. I have a total of 6 hairbrushes in this house and all of them were in hiding because my darling daughter hates to get her hair brushed. She wants it to be long and beautiful and down to the middle of her back, but can't stand the brushing. I can't stand the brushing either.

So, we talked about it and decided it was time for a cut, a new style, something different and fun. We searched the internet for some pictures of something she might like to try and she picked out the above picture. She loves the colors and the lipstick. {Ummm. you are 5. Not going to happen. Even when you are 15, NOT going to happen.} We kept looking. She didn't like most of what she saw. When I asked her what it was she wanted, she chose a short wedge style. That was a little shorter than I wanted to go, so we compromised. Not quite to the ear, higher than the chin with some layering in the back to give it some style.

It turned out really cute but I still wasn't prepared for the change, even though I wanted it. She went from little girl to big girl in just a few snips. Kindergarten, here we come!


May 7, 2012


Justin's in a photography class right now. I don't know how much he's loving it, but I think it's kind of cool. We have had some interesting conversations lately about pictures, editing and cameras. He took these cute photos for an assignment this weekend. We are just in love with this crazy little girl.

May 3, 2012

My New Favorite Book

When we go to the library for story time, my daughter often does not get around to choosing books. After stories, songs and bubbles, she likes to play with the stuffed animals or color in the coloring corner. (I am not sure why on earth there is a coloring corner surrounded by all of those children's books, but I am not the librarian.) In any case, I am the one who ends up picking out the books. I like this for a lot of reasons. First, I get to look through children's books, which I love. Second I don't have to end up reading through 47 Fancy Nancy Books every week, we get to space them out. And third, inappropriate books never make it into our house. A couple of weeks ago I came across a new favorite book.

Until now, my favorite children's book has been The Twelve Gifts of Birth by Charlene Costanzo. I love it. It's short, sweet and every word is filled with the kind of love you want your child to feel. When I hosted baby showers, I always held story time and we read this book. It's one of the best ever books. And the illustrations are amazing.

My new favorite is a book called Your Moon, My Moon written by Patricia Maclachlan and illustrated by Bryan Collier. Maybe it's because we just lost a dear Grandpa, or that we had so many great visits recently from Grandma's, but this book really touched me. It's about a Grandma who lives in another country from her Grandson and shares with him all of the memories they had when they were together, always coming back to the moon and how it's the same moon, no matter where you live. It's written in sweet poetry and it's got a bit of sad feel to it, but it's so loving. Our family has not really had the pleasure of living close to grandparents as the kids have grown and we have had to be creative about keeping in touch. This book was just wonderful. Check it out at your local library or find a copy to bring to your kids or grand kids. You will love it.