July 31, 2010

Before and After

Meggy just got her first big girl haircut. Where all the baby  hair went away and made her look like a preschooler instead of a toddler. She wasn't sure she wanted to sit in the big chair until she was promised candy, but bribery once a gain did the trick.

A couple of weeks ago I had put her hair in buns and we went to church. After coming out of the bathroom and noticing herself in the full length mirror she stopped in her tracks and gave me that look that says "who are you anyway?" and said in this teenage tone of voice "What did you do to my hair?" I guess she wasn't crazy about the style. Now I won't feel so compelled to pull it back all of the time or put it up. Hopefully it will stay out of her eyes a little more and not be so fly away. I think it's super cute and even dad noticed it right away. That's a big deal. What do you think?




July 26, 2010

Home again

We are home again, almost. The plane leaves tomorrow. We have had a great time with cousins, friends and grandma's. My kids love thier Grandma's. And of course Great Grandpa, he was pretty funny according to my 3 year old.
Here are some pictures to tide you over. I know you were waiting and waiting for them... :)

July 8, 2010

Pictures, Packing and Puking

I love my life. The good, bad and ugly of it. These past couple of weeks have been a whirlwind.

I have been invited into the lives of others to do some really fun photographs and spend some time with some amazing people. The twins actually took two sessions to do, but there are two of them, so that makes sense.

The Sweet Three year old here has been a part of my photography since I took his one year photos on a beach watching for the big submarine to leave port one day. It made that day a little more bearable for all of us and I am glad I have been able to keep up with him and his wonderful Mama. He's a big boy now, with that three year old attitude, which I love.

We are packing to go back up to WA for a brief visit. My grandpa is still very ill and I just feel like now is an important time to visit. I doubt we will make it back up there in the next year or so. Meg is very excited about her first plane trip and has been asking every day for the past 2 weeks if this was the day we get on the plane. Soon, sweetie. Too bad soon for a 3 year old means a totally different thing than it does for me. I will be in Central WA, and won't have wheels, but after flying all that way, if you would like to drive over and visit, we would LOVE it.

In the midst of packing and trying to process pictures and checking things off of my list, the kids started puking. Oh the joys of motherhood. They seem to be on the upswing so hopefully they will be travel ready by the time the plane takes off. The Scripture comes to mind about living in a state of innocence and knowing no joy, for they knew no misery. (2 Ne 2:23) I really am grateful my life is joyful.