December 30, 2009

From the Backseat

On the way home from the ENT yesterday we were going through lunch options for Meg. She was "starving" (imagine the most dramatic 2 year old voice you can). Peanut butter bread? No. Ham soup? No. Ramen noodle with egg? No. Fish sticks? No. How about a grilled cheese sandwich? YES Mom. I want that. Then she turns to brother sitting next to her and says, "Do you want a boyed cheese sandwich?" I love kids. Especially mine.

Oh, the ENT said it was time to replace her tubes. They are coming out and with two ear infections since Thanksgiving, we need to do something. So we are going in for surgery again sometime early Janurary. Wish us luck, again.

December 27, 2009

It's been a while

I know it's been a while since I have been a faithful blogger. I was feeling kind of bad about it, making me not want to blog even more, until I started surfing my friend's blogs seeing what they were up to. It seems I am not the only one who doesn't keep up well all of the time. I feel better now, don't you? So, here's a quick recap....

I have LOVED taking new baby photos the past couple of months. It has nothing to do with wanting another baby and everything to do with their so sweet spirits and how moms love the pictures, no matter what they look like.

My kids are bigger, cuter and busier than ever before. Meg is a climber now and I have caught her climbing the pantry shelves quite a few times lately. Bug is obsessed with Mythbuster's. He can't seem to think about anything else lately and is starting to conduct his own experiments. Good for him, bad for the yard and garage. I have been sewing tons in preperation for Christmas. I hope all of our nieces and nephews love their warm jammies, pillowcases and sleep masks. They were cute. I decided about Dec 23rd when I was trying to get my kids sewing done that sewing is kind of like Tuna fish for me. I want to like it, it's good for me, I just don't really like it that much. Sad, isn't it?

Dad has been gone again for a while. He missed Halloween, Thanksgiving and almost Christmas, but made it home by the skin of his teeth. It was his very very last patrol in the Navy so from here on out, he should mostly be home, or at least accessible by phone or text when we need him. So happy about that.

We are gearing up for a move to Sunny San Diego very soon. I thought we would be gone by mid- Jan. but it looks like early February now. Packing, cleaning and purging. They say 3 Navy moves is equal to a house fire in expense and damage. I believe it. This is our 7th move. One or two left before we are done. Anyone need a cute little rental in a nice neighborhood with a fabulous yard? Let me know... PLEASE.

My Grandpa Duane is very ill. We are very sad about it. We really did enjoy a great Thanksgiving at his house with few interruptions and some great quality time. I especially loved that he didn't let the kids noise get to him, he just turned down his hearing aids and smiled. What a guy.

We managed to get some great family time over Christmas. Let the work really begin now. That's the mini recap. Take care blog friends. We will try and keep up in the midst of moving, driving, house hunting and everything else.

P.S. I was planning on uploading cute pictures to show you all what we've been up to, but the old PC isn't playing nice today. Maybe another time. It's all true, really.

A Great Find

A few months back I had a favorite blouse. One that I was complimented on every time I wore it. I loved it, it was silky and a great color and made me feel good. My husband, not so much. He waited to tell me this, of course, until we were out on location with my favorite Portland Photographer and very cool cousin, Sarah, getting our family pictures taken. Cute picture, isn't it?

So, I get out of the car, trekking kids across the field for photos, and he turns to me and tells me I look like Poison Ivy from Batman. Great. Thanks for that vote of confidence. He continued to harass me about it until we got home. Then, in some odd twist of Karma, when I went to change for bed I caught the blouse on my ring and snagged it and ruined it. I was sad. He wasn't.

Fast forward a few months.... I was out thrifting (one of my favorite past times) and found the exact shirt, minus the snag, in my size again. SOLD. I am wearing it to church today and don't really care what he thinks about it. I think this is A GREAT FIND!

December 5, 2009

Joyous Hearts

It's snowing. Just a little and it's not sticking and I don't think it will
last long. Even so, Meg was outside dancing and singing as loud as she could
"I like snow, I love the snow, snow is fun" over and over. Adam was right
out there with her having a great time. That is true joy. That is what makes my heart