December 30, 2009

From the Backseat

On the way home from the ENT yesterday we were going through lunch options for Meg. She was "starving" (imagine the most dramatic 2 year old voice you can). Peanut butter bread? No. Ham soup? No. Ramen noodle with egg? No. Fish sticks? No. How about a grilled cheese sandwich? YES Mom. I want that. Then she turns to brother sitting next to her and says, "Do you want a boyed cheese sandwich?" I love kids. Especially mine.

Oh, the ENT said it was time to replace her tubes. They are coming out and with two ear infections since Thanksgiving, we need to do something. So we are going in for surgery again sometime early Janurary. Wish us luck, again.

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Cristine said...

Zach (my second) has had several replacement sets. I think we are on our third. He is six now and still does better with tubes securely in place. Good Luck!!