December 27, 2009

A Great Find

A few months back I had a favorite blouse. One that I was complimented on every time I wore it. I loved it, it was silky and a great color and made me feel good. My husband, not so much. He waited to tell me this, of course, until we were out on location with my favorite Portland Photographer and very cool cousin, Sarah, getting our family pictures taken. Cute picture, isn't it?

So, I get out of the car, trekking kids across the field for photos, and he turns to me and tells me I look like Poison Ivy from Batman. Great. Thanks for that vote of confidence. He continued to harass me about it until we got home. Then, in some odd twist of Karma, when I went to change for bed I caught the blouse on my ring and snagged it and ruined it. I was sad. He wasn't.

Fast forward a few months.... I was out thrifting (one of my favorite past times) and found the exact shirt, minus the snag, in my size again. SOLD. I am wearing it to church today and don't really care what he thinks about it. I think this is A GREAT FIND!


Annalia Romero said...

What a stinker your hubby is! Maybe he just has a personal vendetta against teal? I'm glad you found replacement!

Moore Family said...

Poison Ivy looks fabulous in BatMan and so do you! I love the blouse and your cute photos. The universe likes your blouse on you too or another one wouldn't have made it onto your path. Wear it with pride!