July 31, 2010

Before and After

Meggy just got her first big girl haircut. Where all the baby  hair went away and made her look like a preschooler instead of a toddler. She wasn't sure she wanted to sit in the big chair until she was promised candy, but bribery once a gain did the trick.

A couple of weeks ago I had put her hair in buns and we went to church. After coming out of the bathroom and noticing herself in the full length mirror she stopped in her tracks and gave me that look that says "who are you anyway?" and said in this teenage tone of voice "What did you do to my hair?" I guess she wasn't crazy about the style. Now I won't feel so compelled to pull it back all of the time or put it up. Hopefully it will stay out of her eyes a little more and not be so fly away. I think it's super cute and even dad noticed it right away. That's a big deal. What do you think?





Annalia said...

That turned out cute! I'm sure it'll grow in a lot nicer now. Thanks for going to the lake with us - it was fun seeing you guys! :)

Melissa said...

so cute! I think I had a similar cut when I was young! :-)

the Holyoaks said...

She looks so cute and so grown up! How did all those spring and summer babies get so big? I love her new cut. Audrey's going to get something done to hers before school starts because it has gotten too long and she screeches everytime I comb it.

Moore Family said...

Oh that first haircut is sooo hard! You were both brave and it paid off-- the cut is perfect for her face. What creative thing are you going to do with her locks you snipped?