March 8, 2008

Wait, What happened to 15?

I was laying in bed a few days ago, at 5:50 am when then baby woke up, listening to her fuss and hoping she would fall back asleep. (She didn't.) I started thinking about our upcoming anniversary trip. I am so excited to go with hubby and have some grown up time away. It's been a long time. I commented to him that it's going to be a great 15th anniversary. He looked at me and told me it's our 16th anniversary. Did I loose an entire year? Last year I was on bedrest, but I think we went to the movies anyway. I really didn't remember this was the 16th year. Between 13 Trident deployments, 2 years on a sub tender away from home, a WESTPAC, and all of the other Navy stuff, we really haven't spent nearly 16 years together. I can't decide if sea time makes your actual married years count as half or double. Whatever the case, Happy Anniversary Sweetheart. It doesn't matter how long we have been together in the scheme of things. Forever means a long time to come.

Happy Anniversary Husband!

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Anonymous said...

Gosh that was so long ago. A lifetime. I remember that summer Allicia, we ran around together. That was a fun summer. Driving the jeep, eating Reese Cups, and slurpies. Look how young you guys were. Remember the quick trip to Idaho we had to make. I got to play hooky from school and mom even knew about it, i thought that was cool.
Congratulations, happy anniversary! I love you guys. Wendy