March 14, 2008

Meg's new favorite thing

A couple of weeks ago we found a bike seat that would work for the back of dad's bike. When Bug was small and we lived in the land of sunshine, it was his favorite thing to go for rides with dad. We decided to let Meg have a go at it. Something you should know about her personality is that she's always on the go. Higher, faster, more is her personal motto. If it moves, swings, bounces or even looks remotely fun, she wants to be in or on it. She's a thrill seeker. We didn't think she would have a problem with the bike, and she didn't. She LOVES it. She gets excited every time we put her in the seat, until the helmet comes out. Usually she forgets about it pretty quickly as she speeds down the hill with dad, screeching with glee. I wish my camera video capture mode had sound. You will just have to imagine.

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