March 6, 2008

Sure, that's a possibility

So I went to look around for this hat online. I went to, and I have never been there before. Beautiful work. I need to get in on that racket. Anyway, I found this hat I love, it's darling. Here's the pic:
(not my baby)

Cute, isn't it? It's crocheted. It's $70. That's over the budget for my party. Crazy. So I called Grandma, who makes everything and asked her about it. She said she would look at it and get back to me. Is my 1 year old going to remember the hat at her birthday party? Probably not, but if I have a hand made crocheted hat from my Grandma, I certainly will remember it. And there will always be the pictures. I guess we will wait and see.

1 comment:

Edie said...

That's so cute! I hope you enjoy and don't become to addicted. LOL!