June 23, 2009

Our Hero

He's always been my hero. Facing children without fear, doing dishes with the best of them, changing a tire in the middle of no where, calling things "adventures" that I would have otherwise named. He takes care of us, he loves us and he plays with us. His family is his everything. If that's not a hero, what is?

Yesterday we went to play tennis for Family Night. the courts were full, so we decided to play Frisbee while we waited. I kept hearing something in the boys bathroom that didn't sound right, then we saw smoke starting to come out from around the closed door. He went to the door and opened it, and yelled in to see if anyone was in there. Big billows of thick, black smoke came out of the building. I called 911, he went into the bathroom, on his knees, looking for someone. Turns out someone thought it would be funny to set the toilet paper on fire and leave and burn down the building. In the almost 10 minutes it took the fire department to respond, Justin had stomped it out with his brand new shoes and a small bucket of water. He came out covered with soot and smoke, but just fine. The fire department said if he hadn't put it out when he did, it would have taken out the entire building. There was plastic involved and the fire was climbing the walls. He had to sacrifice his brand new shoes, but it was for a good cause. He said he went in to make sure no one was in there unconscious and then thought that he could take care of it if he acted quickly. Family Night ended up being about fire safety. (I never did get a picture of any of it, I was too busy trying to keep the kids away and talking to the 911 lady.)

On behalf of our fair city, and of course your loving family, Justin, you are our hero.


The Holyoaks said...

Wow! Impressive! Glad no one was hurt.

Looker's said...

Way to go! What a great guy and father!

Julie said...

WOW!! Was this down at Manette? He is a brave man, I don't know that I would of crawled in there. You always have such great adventures!!

Katidid said...

Justin is the Man! Glad to hear everything turned out for the best (with the exception of the shoes:)!
Hope you are having a 911 free day today! :)

Moore Family said...

Dads are always Hero's but this rescue put him in the SuperHero league. Relay to Smokey the Bear we are proud of him!