November 2, 2009

Meg's top 10 quotes

Meggy's quotes this week:

  1. Those are NOT my favorite clothes.

  2. But I NEED the chocolate.

  3. I am walking fast mom (as she pokes along at a snails pace), see? The kitty is slow. (who is sitting in the middle of the road watching us.)

  4. I need a dandelion flower to make me happy.

  5. I will be happy mom, I am not naughty now. I need a little girl show.

  6. I will get a granola bar and you will open it for me, right?

  7. Flowers is my new favorite game. (Thanks Annie, for that one. She loves it!)

  8. (watching Scooby Doo) I will not be scared this time. It's not scary, not scary.

  9. Will you be a nice Mama and get me a Scooby Snack now?

  10. Brother is not being nice. He's naughty. He doesn't get a little girl show.

I love my Meggy. She's such a delight and she makes us smile every single day.


Annalia Romero said...

She's such a fun talker! Thanks for coming over today - it was nice to see you!

Katherine said...

Soo cute, I love that age. I remember times Octavia would say things, and I kinda wished she would have waited until we weren't in public. Your family is adorable!

Lily LaRue said...

oh my, what a smart beautiful little girl.