April 23, 2010

Something new

Learning new things is hard. Tying your shoes, getting potty trained, learning to free motion quilt (a little advice, Lia?) and learning to change the oil in the car. I am so grateful that is something my amazing hubby learned how to do some time ago. He prides himself on taking care of our cars whenever he's home to do it. So I went to find and talk to him the other day and found this....

Adam was out there helping him. Not helping him as Megan "helps" me with the tension to my sewing machine or "helping" clean the bathroom, but actually helping him by being helpful. He's gotten to be such a big kid. He loves to learn, as long as it doesn't look too hard, and he's still very curious. He wants to know how things work and why they work. Notice the safety glasses.

It makes me happy to watch my husband teach our kids. He's so patient and even if oil ends up on the floor, he's okay with helping clean it up. I hope this is something our kiddo remembers for a long time to come and maybe by this time next year, he will be able to change the oil all on his own.

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Annalia said...

Great! Can he teach my husband to change our oil...or at least Anthony. It looks like you have a pretty good handle on the free-motion quilting. :)