May 2, 2010

Mother's Day goodies

A couple of weeks ago my sweet cousin and friend had a great tutorial on her blog about stamping on fabric. She's so creative and makes such cute things! I entered to win in her drawing and actually won. Not because I am related either. The greatest thing about it was, unlike me, she acutally mails things off. I have post office phobia and getting things mailed out is a major undertaking at my house.

Back on track--- I made these cute resuable grocery bags for my mother in law for mother's day and decided to stamp them up. I need a little more stamping practice, but they were fun to do and I hope she will like them. I am not worried about her checking my blog, because even if she does, there's the whole post office thing and when she actually gets them will be a mystery indeed.

So, I am posting to show Annalia I actually put her gift and idea to good use. Thanks a ton!


Annalia said...

Cute, Allicia! You're way ahead of me on the Mother's Day front.

Katidid said...

How fun! And what a clever idea