August 3, 2011


The Big Kid spent the week at Cub Scout Day Camp this week. As crazy as it is to be at camp with 300 of your closest friends, it was really well organized. He complained that there was too much down time waiting for activities to begin, but I think they did an amazing job this year running things. As part of your week at camp, it's required that a parent come and volunteer at least one day. My day happened to be the same day as BB gun shooting.

   Rangemaster at the gun range was just a little scary, but I think that's a good thing when you deal with groups of 14-16 10 years olds all day. He got the attention he needed and the kids responded really well. He gave clear, concise instructions and didn't allow idle chatter on the range. I know those guys are generous with their time and resources. They gave up a week of their vacation time to come and shoot guns with Cub Scouts. Not a bad gig if you love it.

  Bug did really well on the range. I wasn't aware of any previous shooting experience, but he said he did it last year. This year he got a perfect score. The only one in camp to do it from the bench. In a couple of days they try again from keeling. If he aces that, he qualifies for his belt loop. He was pretty proud of his score, and so was his dad. He was very methodical in getting his equipment ready and lining up his shots. He wasn't fast by any means, but he was dead on accurate. I am glad this is the day I got to attend so I can take a few shots myself. With my camera.
  I hope he's able to get some great lessons from scout camp this year. Like even when things don't move fast enough for you they are moving along just the same. And it's good to take time to set up your shots, and your life. It can make things go well in the long run. Stick close to your friends, they make life more fun. And ALWAYS keep your water bottle full. It's hot out there!

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