August 10, 2012

My Boys

 Our shortest guy has turn 6 months old. He's a pretty amazing guy. He's picked up some new tricks lately. Like hair pulling. And almost sitting up by himself. He's so close. Eating a bit of solid foods here and there. Playing peek-a-boo and being delighted when his big brother comes close enough to play.

The Big Kid is a great help with Baby when he wants to be. And his favorite thing is to make the baby laugh. He gets all proud of himself and it makes me smile. And he doesn't want Baby to see him when he's crying, thinking Baby will blame him for whatever is wrong. That's kind of annoying at times, but logic is logic I guess. He's a great big brother.

I am loving these two boys. And their sister. I just wish that Baby would sleep a bit more.


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Annalia said...

What cute pictures! Having a baby in the family is such a sweet experience.