September 13, 2012

Nexus 7

Our Big kid really wanted a tablet. He did his best to persuade us to get one for him. An Ipad, like Grandma. No go. Then he came up with a plan. And a PowerPoint presentation. It made us laugh and finally concur. We all came up with a way both big kiddos could participate in getting a tablet computer. They did chores, saved money, used up all of the Christmas a birthday savings and even talked Uncle Marcos out of $10. Mom and dad chipped in a little bit, but they did the majority of the earnings. The snail genocide in our yard was a bonus. It's easy to be motivated when each snail equals a nickle. Big Kid also did research. Tons of it. He was on the computer every day doing comparisons. He made charts and asked for family discussions. It was a big deal to him.

Finally we ordered it. We were supposed to order it from a store that had site to store shipping where we could pick it up the same day, but that fell through, and the charge didn't come off of my credit card for over a week. Bad call there. Finally we found a great price online and ordered, and waited, and waited and waited. 8 days later it finally came. Big Kid was so thrilled he couldn't stand himself.
He likes the feel of the back of it. He doesn't like to use the cover.

One of the things I love about it is the Zoodles app. We don't have the premium service, although that would be fun. The one we do have is free and allows the kids to send and receive 1 minute or less videos from certain family members who sign up and connect with us through So Much Fun. We have been getting daily videos from Grandma Cleo and weekly videos from Grandma Cozette. It's better than the post office.
Big Kid likes Khan Academy, Ted Talks, and of course Zombies. I like the free scrabble app I found and Dad likes the calculus calculator. Awesomeness in a small package.

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