July 12, 2013

Cherry Sweet

In our little apartment here in Paradise, down the street from my mom, there is a golden raspberry bush outside the door. Baby has decided that it's his personal snack bar. Every time we go outside he either makes a beeline for the bush or the tractor if it's in sight. Baby paradise.
    Over the past few days we have gotten just about all of the ripe berries off of the raspberry bush that we can. Today he noticed the cherries for the first time. The orchard is wonderful to wander around in and the trees make him happy but today the cherries actually got his attention. He snagged one and gobbled it down before I could reach for it, pit and all. Then he went for another one and laughed as his little face was covered in cherry juice. It made me smile.
     Now I need to keep him away from the trees for a few more days, until the cherries are harvested. Maybe they can bring the tractor back.

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Annalia said...

Sounds lovely!
How fun to be so close to your mother for a while!