November 30, 2007

Yes, Adam there is a Santa Claus.

So he’s almost 7, he’s smart and I am not sure he ever really believed in Santa. This year he’s really asking seriously about it. I am torn about the whole thing. On one hand it’s so symbolic of childhood innocence. If you don’t ever believe in Santa, it seems to take some of the magic out of being a kid. On the other hand, I am not a big fan of lying to my kids and if he’s going to get something really cool for Christmas, I want him to know it has come from me and his dad because we love him, not because some big guy in a red suit dropped in to check on him.

Tonight there’s a commercial on tv. Again he asks me about Santa. Then says he’s sure Santa has to have a LOT of money, to buy all those presents. I told him about the North Pole, Elves and making the toys. So then he asks where Santa buys all the materials to make the presents. It all has to come from somewhere, he says. Smart kid.

I am walking a fine line here. I want him to have a good Christmas and at the same time I don’t want him to be the brat in school who goes around telling kids Santa’s not really real. I want him to be open to the magic of Christmas, how people are kinder this time of year and how wonderful things can happen in your life if you have a little faith now and then, even if it is in Santa Claus. Whatever happens, this is probably the last year I can pull off any illusion for him of Santa and it’s a little sad.

Merry Christmas Everyone!


patty said...

I remember the year that Vicky wasn't so sure about Santa. Like Adam, she was quite a thinker, and could not figure out just how Santa could get to all of those houses. I was so sad at the thought of her, at age 6, not believing in Santa, so I sat down with her and told her that sometimes Santa is VERY busy and parents have to help him out. She looked at me with a serious look, and said, "Mom, that is just stupid, parents can't leave their houses with their kids home sleeping!" So I knew I was safe for one more year!
And as the oldest child, one of the best things about Christmas is keeping the magic alive for the younger ones.


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KimCox said...

I guess I shouldn't have asked who was playing SANTA in that picture at your house! Sorry!