February 21, 2008


Been thinking of my friend a lot lately. Her DH is deploying this week to overseas. I have done a few deployments myself, but none where I knew my husband was directly in the middle of everything. Most of the time I have no clue where he is, and I guess I like that a little bit. Ignorance is bliss. I know that we have different circumstances, but I wanted to pass on to you what I have learned. Hope it helps a little.

1. Your kids are going to push you hard that first month. Be aware, gentle and careful of your tone of voice (that's my weakness totally, not yours at all). Also, stand firm or it's all over and find lots of things to say yes too.
2. Get as much adult face time as you can. Over the phone, or in person. Talking to grown ups is important. Watch the complaining though, although people say they support you most don't have a clue what it is you really need and aren't able to provide it. Email me. I'll let you vent anytime.
3. Just because he's gone doesn't mean you shouldn't shave your legs. Just keep going, keep swimming, keep moving forward. Besides, anything can happen and one or two guys have come home to surprise their families from time to time.
4. Pancakes for dinner are a great idea. Cold cereal flies too. Take it easy on yourself if the dinner dishes don't get done or stuff slides from time to time, especially the first month. Make life easy on yourself when you can.
5. Keep the YW in babysitting business. Get those girls busy helping you with chores, babysitting, errands, whatever. Get someone in there when you need it and don't feel guilty about it at all. It's well worth the money spent.
6. Just because your inbox is empty for days at a time doesn't mean something is the matter or that he's forgotten you. It's not cause to get angry either, although I have lost my temper on this a few times. He is doing the very best he can and he knows you are waiting to hear from him. Have faith and patience. (good luck with that, and if you figure it out, let me know how to do it.)

That's all I have. Hope it helps some. I also found some blinkies and avatars for you to adopt and use if you would like. Take good care of yourself!

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Our Deli-Sub said...

I am crying right now. I have no idea what to say to cprolf when we talk and really I have no clue what she needs. I feel helpless as a best friend to know what to do when we are so far way. (Poor me right??). Thanks for stepping in I just wish that neither of your husbands had to be gone so much. The only positive thought that comes to my mind is that my grandparents were a lot during WWII and I think they were closer because of it. Okay, I need to go get a tissue.

cprolf said...

deli-sub, there will be plenty you can do for me when I come park myself and my brood at your house this summer . I will prepare a list ok! Also, keep the calls coming (although no guarantee I will answer the phone on Tuesday because I am preparing for the ugly cry!!!)