February 10, 2008

Has it been a year?

Where does time go when we are not paying attention? I was thinking back today to where I was a year ago. So much emotion, so much turmoil, so much waiting. A year ago I didn't think time could move fast enough and I was sure some days it was running backwards. I thought I wouldn't make it through another week, let alone another day.

A year ago I was on bedrest in the middle of a complicated pregnancy. I had gestational diabetes and by 29 weeks along I was in preterm labor. I had to carefully count contractions, because they came often and get checked out twice a week. I had already spent 5 days in the hospital and was released to my couch. I was told to stay on the couch and not get up. I had 10 minutes an hour to care for myself and my family. Time went slowly.....

I am so grateful for all of the people who helped to fill my hours. Who came to my "Bedrest baby shower" and made make ahead meals for me so that I wouldn't have to cook. For people who showed up on my doorstep to clean my floors, help with laundry and drive me to endless doctor's appointments. I am grateful for all of the phone calls, for one friend who sent email jokes every day so that I could laugh. For family who came when they were needed most to fill the need in my home. For all of the prayers and love on my behalf that helped me along the way. There is so much to be grateful for.

I would like to say that now that I look back it wasn't that bad and time didn't go that slowly, but it really did and I wouldn't wish bedrest on anybody. It's not fun, but it was time well spent. A year later I have an almost 11 month old beautiful daughter who smiles with her whole soul, whose laughter fills your heart and whose determination was made known long ago. I am feeling blessed today, not just for my amazing daughter, but for the ablility to look on the past and learn from it and look forward to the future. As my husband tells my kids every day, "Anything is possible."

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Looker's said...

ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!! Every minute was well worth it. You have been blessed with a beautiful little soul to love and teach!