April 15, 2008

A Little bit of Heaven

Recently Justin and I took an actual vacation. A real vacation by ourselves, thanks to Robin who came to watch the kiddos. We visited Orcas Island and stayed at the lovely Primrose at Cabin's on the Point. It was beautiful, peaceful and rejuvenating. We did all the things we wanted to and none of the things we "should" have. We ate it, went kayaking, hiking, driving, exploring and got great use of the hot tub at the end of the day. The weather was mostly nice, although it was the beginning of April and we did get snowed on a little. The water was wonderful to glide through. We watched otters play, eagles fly and harbor seals frolic. We saw the beautiful, graceful cranes and listened to the woodpecker in the early mornings. The trip was wonderful and fun. It was great to reconnect. The highlights included the swing, reading a good book, taking hikes, spending time on the water, naps whenever we wanted and most of all sleeping all the way through the night. I love my kids, but a full night's sleep was exactly what I needed to be a better mom. We should have anniversary trips more often.

View from TurtleBack Mountain Happy 16th Anniversary!


cprolf said...

How fun that you took a trip. It looks beautiful there. KR and I still have yet to take a trip without the kids. I think it would be fabulous!!

Our Deli-Sub said...

I am glad you two were able to get a way. What did you do to get such a great photo with the seagull?