April 28, 2008

How deep is that hole in my yard???

Oh my, oh my, it's been quite a week. It started well enough, knowing there was some kind of problem in the yard, but it quickly grew to a problem bigger than we could handle. It turns out our drain field has failed. The septic system is no longer working and now the Health Department has to become involved. It's a mess. Our entire back yard was dug up in an effort to figure out what the problem was and in futile hopes of an easy do-it-yourself fix.

Our hopes were quickly dashed. Estimates are now coming in at anywhere between $9, 000-$12,000. Permits are required and special equipment is needed. A designer had to come in and the more he talked the more expensive things became. Our drain field will be moved to the front yard, we will get two new septic tanks and the old one will need to be decommissioned. New plumbing will need to be put in to accommodate that. In the meantime we are on severe water restriction at our house. Yikes. Let's hope next week is better.


cprolf said...

Oh my GOODNESS!!! That is incredible (not in a good way)!! I hope this turns out not to be such a nightmare for you. Good Luck.

Edie said...

Oh NO! That's horrible. I hope the week gets better and the price estimate is lower. GEEZ!