June 15, 2008

The Adventures of Super Family

Preface: This was Adam's Father's Day gift to his dad this year. He made a complete comic book with pictures and everything. It's perfect. The most perfect thing about it is that the adventures of Super Family can continue on and on. What a great kid. Oh yeah, Happy Father's Day!

Once upon a time there were two kids. One boy and one girl. They had a mom, a dad and a cat. This family loved one another very much.

One time this family went camping in the forest. There were trails to hike near their campsite, a creek near by and of course huckleberries to pick. They built fires, roasted marshmallows and got rained on, just like any other family in the forest. But this was not an ordinary family. This was a family of Superheroes.

Baby Sister’s super power was flying. She couldn’t walk yet, but she could fly to the clouds. It helped her get away from bad things on the ground and it helped Super Mom, who got lost a lot.

Brother’s super power was being super wise. He could out think the bad guys and always had a plan. Super Mom’s power was being strong. She couldn’t move mountains, but she kept the family together when dad was away and was good at keeping the super kids on track. Super Dad’s power was speed and the ability to fix just about anything. Sometimes Super Dad had to be gone for a long time to fix things on his Super Submarine, but the family loved him and he always came back to them.

The Super Family was having a grand old time in the forest when suddenly a tree fell on Super Mom. She wasn’t hurt though and she was super strong, so she tossed it off of her and jumped up. Super Brother thought something wasn’t right so he asked his Super Sister to fly him up to see above the trees. What he saw was shocking!

There, among the trees, was hidden a big, powerful super laser gun. Someone was trying to get rid of the Super family. Super Brother recognized it as a special super destroyer. Super Sister took her brother back to their parents to tell them what they had seen. They were all in great danger. Just then the laser gun fired again and destroyed their tent. There was a big hole in the ground where the tent had stood. This didn’t scare the Super family, it just made them MAD.

The family was going to run down the mountain when Super Brother said not to. He had a plan. He said, “Super Mom, be strong over dad and don’t be scared. Super Sister and I are going to go up there and look around again.” Super Brother and Super Sister flew up again and spotted the laser gun. They flew around behind it and landed in back of it. Super Sister flew back to get their Super Parents. Meanwhile, Super Brother tried shooting the laser gun with his own laser gun, but the laser just bounced back and he had to duck so he wouldn’t be hit. Super Brother had spotted the generator and knew how to stop the laser gun, if only he had help from Super Dad.

Just then Super Dad and Super Mom arrived. Super Brother told everyone to get back, he had seen one of these before. He told them how he thought it worked and how they could stop it. Super Mom saw the chamber big enough to fit a person and with her super strength, pried it open. Super Brother went inside the main chamber and got the remote control. He was sneaky as to not disturb Might Muck, the bad guy. With the control he was able to disarm the force field. Super Sister flew in and surprised Might Muck and flew him to the police. He was heard to say “It would have worked too, if it weren’t for your meddling kids.”

The laser gun was still on timer. The Super Family had only seconds to disarm it before it started shooting randomly. Super Dad climbed in the generator and with his super fixing powers, he quickly disabled the generator. Just for good measure, Super Mom took the barrel of the laser gun and bent it in a knot, so that it would never fire again. The Super Family had saved the day again, but there was still someone out there looking for them. Stay tuned for the next installment of Super Family, Together We Can Do Anything!!!!

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Looker's said...

What an AWESOME Father's Day gift. Very original and creative.