June 24, 2008

The Yard, the saga continues...

All of the septic work is finally done, yipee!!! We have water back and can wash all of the laundry that we want. You would think I would have the house put back in order by now, but I don't. This week I will though. I have to get it done before we leave to Durango.

So now all that's left in the front is landscaping. We decided on a flagstone path in the front yard. We had a romatic date to pick out the rock. (not the pretty look-at-my-ring rock, but the equally as important look-at-my-front-yard rock.) It took several trips, since our truck is small and we had to buy about 3500 lbs of rock, but we got it all to the house. The kids were excited to help set it in. We have more work to do but it's coming along. Someday there will even be grass again. Here's some pictures of our work so far.

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Thats great that you guys can get back to normal around there. I know construction in and around your house can be soooo stressful. Oh I was wondering if you got my e-mail about my book? because I never heard back from you.