July 2, 2008

A Great Weekend

We had a great weekend. One of our favorite people came to visit and we enjoyed every second, well almost. Except for the part where Meg was running a fever and had to take a little ER trip. Other than that, it was marvelous. The Bremerton Stake Patriotic concert was Sunday night. I had been practicing for almost 6 months with them and the performance was great. Several people commented that they really enjoyed it. We went to Port Orchard and picked out more rock for our yard. It was good to have another opinion. It was really good to have help with the dishes at night and getting ready for church on Sunday. We went to the fun park here and played in the water and enjoyed the sunshine. Before she left Justin just had to ask why she couldn't stay another 2 weeks. Now that's love. We love our Grandma Ellen. Thanks for the visit!

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