July 9, 2008

Keeping the Baby Busy

We have been busy scrambling to get the front yard in some kind of order after the big septic system thing. The challenge is keeping the kids busy and out of harms way while trying to make real progress on restoring our yard. Fortunately, Meg found something to keep her busy and happy. She is having a grand time playing in the rock pile. She plays there for as long as we will let her, digging and throwing and not eating the rocks. We have found them in her shoes, in her onsie and in her diaper, but that was only because she put them there, not because she swallowed them. The joys of childhood. She's having a blast playing in these rocks and I am cursing the ones I am finding where I want to plant grass... Go figure.


Four Men and a Lady said...

she is so stinkin cute!!

Misty said...

how fun...i hope the septic system gets finished quickly.

and you'll have to come back in about 30 minutes to see the rest of my posts. I am editing them all now so they'll be under the home sweet home one. I was surprised to see a comment already! =)