July 12, 2008

What adventures does the day hold?

This is it, again. The last day off before the big beast leaves. It's been delayed for more than a couple of weeks, so we have been taking advantage of each moment we can together. Finally the day has come, it's the last day off. You ask what you want to get done before he leaves for an extended period of time, what last minute house things you need to go over and have help with. What yard things you can't do on your own, what the car needs, and most of all what goods and products he still needs to be gone somewhere without access to a store for the rest of the summer. Then you have to ask, What adventures does the day hold?

While there is a long long to-do list, it's also our last chance as a family to have some fun together. It's our last chance to connect, take pictures, get a little video for the baby and just hang out together. Our last chance to play Monopoly, jump on the trampoline, go over first day of school stuff and have the "talks" we always have to have before he leaves. It will probably make for a very, very long day. We will look for the fun, the adventure and the opportunity to laugh today more than other days.

Just for fun, here's some of the Ta-Do list:
finish up the rock and edging placement in the yard, build some more steps in the back, shop for last minute items for the sea bag, get a load of bark and a load of rock, check the oil leak in the car, hem the uniform pants, finish up the laundry so the rest of his clothes can be packed, re-load the MP3 player, put together some new pictures for him to take, pack a pic-nic lunch so we can have some fun at the park for a while, take a video, go over the "patrol what-if" list again and don't forget to laugh and have fun! Good thing we can multi-task! Wish us luck!

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