July 26, 2008

Grandma's are magic

I love my Grandma's. I have lots of them and they have brought so much joy and learning and loving to my life. I am so excited that my kids have awesome grandparents too who think they are the best grand kids ever.

My Grandma Cozette came to visit this week. I hadn't seen her in since Feb. due to her busy travel schedule. Retirement is the busiest time of life I guess. She came to watch the kiddos for me while I was in Certified Ombudsman Training for the week becoming a trainer for the Ombudsman program here at NBK. Every morning I left before the kids were up and got home in the late afternoon. She had them fed and dressed and happy when I got home. Even the dishes were done. I can't tell you how that makes me happy. I think I really could get used to living in a multi-generational home. So here's our top 10 favorite things about Grandma being here this week:
1. Meg started eating again, but just for Grandma. Still wouldn't let mom feed her.
2. Adam got to have Tuna fish, which I refuse to make.
3. She helped me through the first hard nights of DH being gone.
4. Good books and good conversation, the type that doesn't involve a why.
5. The dishes getting done every day, sometime twice a day.
6. Cake decorating lessons. Wish she could have stayed longer.
7. Adam magically listened to her, but still gave me a hard time.
8. Meg got a new book, thanks to Grandma who then read it to her a dozen times and made her happy.
9. We ran errands in record time. It's amazing how much faster it goes if you can leave the kids in the car when you have a 2 minute return to make.
10. Memories of childhood and gossip about cousins. What a better way to keep the family together than through a grandma?

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