July 26, 2008

Silent Service

My husband works in the Silent Service.
That’s not just a way to
Describe what he does

Silence describes how we live.
As he readies to deploy,
Silently, my heart breaks.

As the sub drifts silently down the channel,
Silently and fervently I pray
Keep him safe, keep him safe.

The nights pass without him
I lie and listen each night for his breathing
Silently I cry for his touch again.

As the days march on
I try to be both mother and father
Silently I wonder if I am doing it right and if I am enough.

We gather together now and then
Other wives, as a kind of family
Silently and in so many ways, we support one another.

When the phone rings
I wonder is it him? is it about him?
Silently I seek strength to handle whatever may come.

When he’s coming home soon
I am thrilled and excited,
Silently I smile, but never say a word.

Honor, Duty and Commitment
Are written on his face and in his actions
Silently, I admire his integrity.

I live the life of a Navy wife
Whose husband works in the Silent Service
Silently I thank God for the blessings in my life.
And then, I say them aloud.

--Allicia Hubbs
August 12, 2005


Melissa said...

You are quite a poet - I love it.

Our Deli-Sub said...

I had no idea you do poetry too. WOW! It was so fun to go see the send off last week. I am glad you included us. Call me. I found a cake contact.

Lily LaRue said...

oh honey, you made me cry.

God bless America, your sweet family, and the sacrifices you all make to protect our great country.