August 2, 2008

The Perfect cherry

The Perfect Cherry

First you have to find cherries. If you are in Aunt Sheri's orchard, you shouldn't have to look very far. It's always good to take some extra time running around on the 4 wheeler just to make sure you have a good tree though. It's kind of fun too.

Then you have to pick the cherries. If you aren't 16, and aren't family, you have to find someone to climb the ladder for you.

Next, you have to taste the cherries. Just to make absolutely sure they are the best around.

After that, you pit the cherries. They are easier to feed to your sister that way and you don't have to go around and pick up all of those pesky pits later.

The last step is to enjoy the fruits of your labors. Have someone count the extra cherry freckles you have and forget trying to the get the cherry juice off of your hands, it's going to be there a while. That's okay though, you have just enjoyed summer's sweetest treat ever. That's how to have the perfect cherry.


Edie said...

That looks like so much fun! I love Rainier Cherries. One of my favorite parts of the summer.

Melissa said...

Yum!!! Looks like tons of fun!wdq