August 11, 2008

Breaking Dawn, and keeping it all together

I bet those of you who are Stephanie Meyer fans have read it or plan to very soon. I borrowed it from a friend at church and read it the same day, to the neglect of my family and my sleep. I liked it a lot, there was a lot less whining this time around and felt a little more grown up. Great read, even though it does have an actual fairy tale ending.

In my defense about not tending my family... When my DH is at sea, like now, I don't get any down time. There is no support being a single mom. Laundry, feeding, care and clean up of kids and house are all you. As are playing games, doing math pages, reading tons of books and mowing the lawn. Then, of course, there's the other stuff. Like church obligations, friends, weddings, baby showers, and extended family.

So after being out every single weeknight last week and the kids not getting to bed until after 9:30 every night, I had a little nervous breakdown on Friday night. Feeling like a horrible mother and a defective housekeeper who can't hold the simplest of things together. I had a good conversation with the Lord and came to a shocking discovery. I don't have to do it all, and it doesn't have to be done all at once. I am not my mother-in-law, who really can do it all and bake a cake at the same time, I am who I am, doing the best I can. It's all I can do and I don't have to feel guilty about the rest. I backed out of and gave up some activities this week. I won't be volunteering for new stuff any time soon. I am going to concentrate on my family, my house and my sanity. I sure hope this plan works.


Washington Rimmasch Family said...

Oh i love the new family portriat. Your kids are getting so big! I havn't read the new book yet I am trying to hold out until after school starts because I will let my life go to pot while I fall head first into it. We shall see how much self control I really have. i have already read a total spoiler on it so I pretty much know what happens. I still want to read it myself though because I have heard and read conflicting things so... Again tick tock tick tock we'll see :) -N

Melissa said...

You had a break-down Friday too? I don't feel quite so bad! Maybe we can help each other NOT volunteer for any new things!

Anonymous said...

You may not know it, but I admire and cheer for you. You're better than any comic book action hero. You win the fight every day to hold down the fort and keep your kids smiling. You walk strong so your sweetheart doesn't feel like he needs to worry about you. You "handle" it. Every day. What fitting thing can anyone say? What honor could do you justice? Bravo!