August 26, 2008

EEK!!! There's a mouse in my house!!!

I have a routine at night. Every night, I do the same thing the same way. I go in the hall, turn on the light and then go and check on my kids one at a time, then give them a kiss and stroke their heads. Then I check to make sure the front door is locked, the curtains are all closed and windows locked and then I go to the back door and call for the cat. Some nights she runs right in, some nights she takes her own sweet cat time getting in. I like to have her in at night because of the big raccoons that seem to find their way to my yard at night.

So tonight, when I got to the calling the cat in part of my routine, I didn't think she would come right away. She's still ticked at me for putting her flea and tick treatment on her earlier today. It was raining though, so that usually makes her come in a little faster. She meowed at me so I knew she was coming and brought in a not quite dead mouse to the middle of the dining room floor and dropped it, saving it for later I guess. I freaked out. I woke up Adam and yelled for Grandpa (who is still here, thank heavens). In the time I freaked out and woke up the house I could have grabbed the broom and shoved the thing outside again. I wasn't thinking clearly though. By the time Grandpa had gotten back out here, the mouse had revived and taken off into a hole in the cabinetry. We looked and looked and couldn't find another way in or out of there. The hole leads to behind the dishwasher. My only hope of not living with dead rodent smell is for the sucker to get brave again and come out of his hole at the same time the cat is hungry and in the house.

Oh the excitement of if all. Where is my husband again????

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Lily LaRue said...

Well double yuk Alli. The graphic gore...really. Glad it all turned out. Tell Grandpa hi for me. Give the kids a kiss. And do for sure send me some pictures. They are beautiful. You're becoming quite the photographer artist. Way to go! Loves and kisses. Mom