February 17, 2009

How the day went

Today was one of those days. It's been one of those days that by 7:00 I am wondering if I went to bed on my own the kids would eventually get the idea and go to bed too. Not likely, with an 8 year old addicted to Wii and a 2 year old non-stoppable dynamo.
The day started very, very early. Sometime in the wee hours of the morning, a very small child climbed in my bed to get warm again because she refuses to keep covers on in her own bed. I didn't even really notice, because it happens so often now. When Dad got up to leave, she needed a drink of milk, NOW. My not so patient daughter began screaming for milk and didn't stop until dad was ready for work and did her bidding just before he left at 5:30 a.m. She drank it down very quickly and then fell right back asleep. Not a deep, peaceful sleep, but tossing and turning and kicking me in the neck whenever she could. By 6:15, I knew I wasn't getting back to sleep and with almost no warning, she fountain vomited curdled milk all over her, me and my bed. Normally, my alarm goes off at 7:15, but we were up for the day.
After getting Bug to school, 10 minutes late for early class, we returned home for baths and to get ready for playgroup. On my way to take all of the bedding out into the garage laundry room, I gripped the door knob a little to vigorously I guess and it came off in my hand. Here I am, stuck in the garage, with the front door locked and a door knob in my hand. I am wondering, as I am sure you would be, where exactly it is we hide the front door key in the garage these days. Meg only opens doors on her own time frame, for her own reasons, and me asking has never done the trick yet.
At playgroup, Meg had her eye on the orange ride-in car. It's her size, doesn't have pedals and looks fun. Unfortunately, so did another little boy, just big enough to cause problems for Meg. He beat her to the car and shoved her out of the way. I picked her up, and distracted her, I thought. As it turns out she kept an eagle eye on that car and the second the boy got out of it, she was running across the floor to get into it. As he sees her running for it, he runs at her, knocking her down again and rushing towards the car. By now, his mom is onto him, and she's holding the car. I think for a moment she looks like a giant get away driver for her bully toddler, but as it turns out, she give the car to Meg and takes her screaming kiddo to find something else to bully kids over. Meg didn't get out of the car the rest of playgroup and even cleaning up was not enough to convince her to get out.
At lunch, she would not eat what I wanted to fix. Nothing can be easy with this darling. At dinner, she didn't eat what I put on her plate, but convinced her brother to share what was on his (which was the SAME thing). Bug decided he wasn't into his homework tonight and after completing one page claimed he was done. Only after he started Wii and I looked in his binder and a conversation did happen about completing all of his work.
DH came home late. He's got a mistress these days, in the form of a big, black boat that sucks all his time and resources. I had actually cooked a balanced dinner and he didn't want it. He'd eaten with HER. He high-fived Meg for puking this morning and then played with her and watched Bug chase Storm Troopers for a while. It took some convincing to get him to look at the door knob. He did and it was fixed in a matter of minutes. Why didn't I do it myself? Am I not capable of it? No, that's not it at all. I know I could do it, if I needed too. It's just SO much easier for him, it takes him 1/10th the time it would take me and much less frustration.
So, it was one of those days. Roadblocks at every turn, things not getting completed as planned and weariness setting in early. Just a day in the life of a mom. There isn't another job I would rather have.

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