February 9, 2009

Spotlighting Meg

Oh Sweet Meg. What a joy and a challenge you are. Here are a few of Meg's favorites right now...
Movie: Food Panda (Kung Fu Panda for those of you who don't speak 2 year old)
Food: Scrambled eggs and yogurt. She talked Grandma into to making her 3 eggs for dinner one night, and she ate every one of them and some toast. Offer her noodles and she'd rather go hungry. She also can't use the same eating utensil for different foods. If yogurt and oatmeal are being served, she needs two spoons. No cross-contamination for this kid.

Sleep: In her bed only and only when SHE is ready to go. Bedtime is ambiguous to her and what mom and dad say have little bearing on her attitude about it. I caught this sweet photo the other day and it's probably the only one I have of her sleeping somewhere other than her bed or car seat.

Play time favorite: She loves to push her babies around the house in her stroller and put them to bed. She also loves to play Wii with brother and jump on the trampoline.

Biggest comfort: Thumb and ear. I know she's needs some down time when she finds her thumb and ear. I have never seen her suck her thumb without playing with her ear at the same time From the time she was tiny that was her comfort.

Book: Meg loves books. She will read to herself for a long, long time. Her top favorites right now are Mr. Brown Can Moo and The Foot Book. She also has a Curious George book from the library I am going to have a really hard time returning soon.

The Girl's Got Game: Watch out when there's a ball around. She's got an arm and the other day while playing with Dad, stuck this ball to his glasses from a few feet away. She likes to throw it at the TV and piano books too. She can throw the length of our hall way and she's occasionally pretty accurate.

Other things about Meg: She loves her brother dearly and can't wait for him to get home from school each day. She's also thrilled to see daddy return home. She does the Happy Dance on request and loves to count, although not always in the order you expect. She likes to sing to herself too and loves to listen to her Melodies About Me cd. She's starting to get into the tantrum phase and is astounded when I step over her after she's thrown herself on the floor in protest over something. She loves the cat, sometimes too much and is reluctant to let her go all of the time. She helps with the laundry and dishes. She loves baths, socks (on hands or feet) and to read my scriptures. She says "all done" instead of Amen after we say the prayer and is very proud of herself for doing that. She's silly, sweet, funny and full of little girl joy. I am eternally grateful to have her here in our little family.

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Moore Family said...

What an adorable gal you are blessed to raise. Love her "all done" at the end of the prayers!