July 18, 2009

Party all night

Sleep all day. I caught these pictures this morning of my crew sleeping in. Yes, there are extra kids here. We have some little friends staying with us for a week while thier mama and day have a well deserved, 17 year in the making honeymoon in Hawaii. I hope they are having a great time.

(Notice the feet next to the head here.)

In the couple of days since the kiddos got here we have played hard and stayed up late. We have been to the pool, played in the wading pool in our yard, the trampoline has earned its worth 10 times over. We have gardened, gone to a birthday party, played in the dirt and skipped naps. How fun does that sound? A few more days to pack in more and more fun. We are having a good time, but the kids want pancakes for breakfast, NOW, so I better post these and get going. Have a good day with your kiddos.

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Dawn said...

Hey those are someretty cute kids you have sleepin allver the place..and yesammaand dad are having a wonderful time thanks to you my wonderful friend!!!