September 16, 2009

More time, please???

Could I just have a little more time please??? Could I ask for that for my birthday? I am not sure that will work for me, but I really want it too.

I think we have decided to sell our house. (Justin is still a little wishy washy.) That means I have to have it in SELL shape and on the market by Oct 15. So many worries go along with that, so many things to think about. I just keep thinking, "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart..." Or from Dory "Just keep swimming..."

Refit is just beginning and Justin's time is short with us. We are looking forward to getting this last deployment out of the way and done. In theory, as of right now, this will be his last sea deployment ever. Things always change though. You never know what is coming next.

Bug is loving school. I am sad we are going to have to pull him out before the end of the year. He is doing well and loves his teacher. I asked him how his Greek root word test went the other day and he told me "I aced it, as usual." Too smart for his own pants I think. Cute, as always, though.

Meg is two. And getting into the terrible phase. Or the diva state, I can't decide which, depending on the moment. Last week, after not eating dinner, she comes to me in the most dramatic voice ever and says "Mom, I NEED chocolate." Meg, I said, you NEED to eat your dinner. Nope, just chocolate, Mom. She's two and has a chocolate addiction. No comment on whose to blame for that.

So much to do, catch up with us when you can!!!


Leslie said...

You are going to be super busy for the next several months. I would be happy to take kids or help with house stuff anytime.

We are still planning on having you take our family pics but not sure when yet. I will call you when our dust has settled. We finally closed on the house.

Katherine said...

You are adorable. I know about that whole sugar addiction thing, Tavi has a problem with it, and I just don't know where it could have come from. Seriously though, you are adorable, good luck with everything. Loves.

Moore Family said...

If anyone can get your house in ship shape sell shape it is YOU! With your newly landscaped backyard and fancy garage door I'm sure the first person coming to look will make an offer. If I could mail you a 48 hour day I'd do it!