September 29, 2009

They Huffed and They Puffed

I love Boy Scouts. I love what it does for my kiddo and I love, love, love our pack leader. She's awesome and absolutely perfect for this group of kids.

The Raingutter Regatta was a few days ago and the kids had a blast. They huffed and puffed and blew those boats across the finish line.
It was so fun to watch. They were all excited about their boats and the prizes they walked away with. I think they were pretty excited about the cake too, thanks to Grandma Cleo and Aunt Wendy who made a sail boat cake in honor of the occasion. Even Dad ducked out of a meeting early so he could make it. It was so good to have family attend and great to have fun, wholesome recreational activities to participate in. Did I say I love Boy Scouts?

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