March 24, 2010

Happy Happy Birthday Baby

It's Meg's 3rd birthday and she was so looking forward to a Dora Party. She informed me of that the Sunday before her birthday. What does a Dora party entail? A cute Dora outfit, of course. Do you think you can just walk into any old store and find orange pants? Wrong. A purple backpack and a map. She tried hard to talk me into making Swiper too, but it didn't work.  It can't be a birthday party without some sewing, right? 

She was a cute Dora. She was a little dissapointed that the backpack didn't actually talk. (Those were her words, "It doesn't acutally talk, Mom.")

We had playgroup today with friends from church, so we took cupcakes and goodie bags and called it a party. She had a blast. I can't believe she's already 3 and I can't wait to see what the next 20 years hold for her.


Leslie said...

happy birthday Meg. We celebrated Josiah's yesterday too. I would say your party was way more creative than the lack of mine. He was lucky to get a cake.

Nichole said...

sweet megan!

nice backpack. allicia, you're totally creative. can i borrow megan's backpack for BYU? i think it will make a good impression on my instructors...

have a super day.

hugs from the lovely north,

Moore Family said...

What a doll! What cute pictures of Megan!