March 4, 2010

Today I Took the Time

Today I took the time
to go for a walk
to play in the park
to hunt for lady bugs
to watch her smile, and discover.

Today I took the time
to ride a bike,
to dance with dad,
to make silly faces
to hear her laugh and be joyful.

Today I took the time
to draw a picture
to make up a story
to watch her face
to see her imagine, and wonder.

Today I took the time
to read some books,
to build with blocks,
to take a nap,
to listen to her breathe and be still.

Today I took the time.
I played with my little girl.
I discovered,
I watched,
I listened,
I learned,
Today, I took the time.

~A. Hubbs, 3/4/2010


Beth Tunnell said...

Thanks for the sweet poem. That, and the pregnancy hormones, brought tears to my eyes!

Looker's said...

Thanks for the gentle reminder that we need to stop and enjoy the little things!

I need to remember to do that more often!

Miss ya!

Moore Family said...

You truly have a gift of seeing with your heart. I am in awe of your many talents.