June 9, 2010

Family campout

We took our kids on a camping adventure this weekend. They had a blast. Bug was deemed old enough and responsible enough (with supervision) to light the camp fire and keep it going. He was thrilled. Meg was just thrilled to play in the dirt. That's her favorite thing. She's going to grow up to be one heck of a gardener.  Some highlights were sleeping without the rain fly on to watch the stars. What an amazing place for an observatory. We even saw some shooting stars. A little fox visited us in camp both nights. Brave little thing. He was probably used to scavenging for leftover food from careless campers. We did not feed him, or get pictures of him. He was quick. Meg has been pretending to be quick like a fox. The boys too hikes and found giant pine cones while the girls hung around and played in the dirt and watched the ants.

The only bad thing about the entire weekend was the BUGS. Big, giant, relentless bugs. We ended up with two kinds of bug spray, on with deet and one "natural" and neither one worked. They didn't work in combination with each other either. Almost a week later Meg still looks like it's possible she might have chicken pox. It was brutal. I am not sure how to be more prepared for that in the future, but I will do some research before we go on another adventure. Enjoy our camping pictures.

These were some tuckered out kids by the time we left.



Annalia said...

The kids look dirty enough to have had a very good time!

Our Deli-Sub said...

Is it dirt or a sun tan? They already look like Cali-Kids:)

Islandalli said...

It's dirt. They aren't tanning well. It's either burn or more freckles. They had a grand time getting as dirty as they could.