August 22, 2010

I finished a Project!

Thanks to my understanding husband (who lets me sew and takes care of drinks and snacks while I do), I was able to finish one of the projects on my list of "want to's" yesterday. Well, this morning. I had it finished yesterday and when I went to put it on her today she decided that she couldn't wear it without pockets. So I made pockets and stitched them on this morning. It's adorable. One of the best parts of it is that when I went searching for buttons in my quart jars of buttons, she was fascinated. She sat there with me for an hour finding her favorites and stashing away the "beautiful" ones for later. And, of course, picking buttons up off of the floor. Lots of buttons ended up on the floor. Time well spent.

Thanks again to Christine at From an Igloo for the great tutorial and pattern. |The only things I did differently were adding pockets, per request, and I wanted the straps to be rounded, so I did that part differently.The straps are a little longer than I thought they would be too, so I need to shorten them soon. I think it's really cute and it goes together super fast, so give it a try.


Leslie said...

This is super cute--great job. I need to get into sewing a little more then I wouldn't have trouble finding girl clothes.

Katidid said...

LOVE IT! Meg looks adorable!

the Holyoaks said...

So cute! She looks adorable in her cute dress!