January 7, 2011

I can't pass up a deal like this...

I do love a good deal. Especially on something I know I will use or I really love. While wandering around a store I hardly ever go into anymore the other day I found some of their fabric on the clearance rack. It was Christmas flannel, and it was marked $.86 a yard. Yep, Eighty six cents a yard. Amazing. I have been known to stand in line at JoAnn's Black Friday sale for flannel at $1.75/yd for hours. Really- hours. I took all there was- a little over 5.5 yds for less than $6.00. There's always a use for cute Christmas flannel and I will find a place to stash it. Can't wait to find it again next Christmas sewing season and be happy about a great deal all over again. It's easy to make me smile.


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