January 20, 2011

What I want to do...

What I want to do is always so different from what I have to do. Do you run into that problem? I want to sit and sew. These lovely dresses from At Second Street are adorable and I want to make one or three. I have nieces that need cute things too. (Can I just say, I love Kalleen, even though I have never met her? What a generous and talented woman.) I also want to make those Valentines bags. I am cutting those out this morning.
   I want to edit some photos I took of my darling children the other day. Even with the big black eye, my kids are adorable. My computer is running oh, so slow and it's making me crazy to edit things right now. I really want it done so I can send out Valentine's cards though.

   I also want to work on some genealogy. I have gotten a few new leads and I am so excited to see where they go. I love seeing those connections made. I want to do better at my daily devotionals, do crafts with my little ones, overcome my glitter phobia and do fun things for my family like the Happy Home Fairy. She rocks. I also want to get started on my garden (we are in San Diego, it's almost time), go on a date with my husband sans kids and spend more time cultivating friendships. I am still feeling a little on my own here, with a few exceptions.
  So much I want to do. What stands in the way? Besides the stuff I have to do: get the kids off to schools, laundry, dishes, meals, cleaning, errands and general running of home stuff, mostly myself. It's like being a toddler and being too overwhelmed to choose something, so you just sit and cry about everything. I have never had any patience. I lack the balance I see in my Mother-In-Law. I feel like they are all good things to be doing and I am overwhelmed at choosing what I have time for. I recently re-read this talk Good, Better, Best. Nothing like direct, loving words to put you back on track. First I need to do things to strengthen my family and my relationship with my God. After that, things fall into place. There isn't time for every little thing, even if they are good little things and the best things are the things I am seeking after. How do you balance things? I could use some practical skills.

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