March 24, 2011

Hip Hip Horray... Another Birthday

I am not quite sure how she went from this....

To this in the blink of an eye. I am sure it was only yesterday when I held her for the first time and was ecstatic to be out of a 7 week bed rest prison. I honestly don't know what my life would be like without her. She's stubborn, independent, creative, loving, knows her own mind and silly. I guess she has good roll models.

Happy birthday Baby. I hope this year brings great things to you and I can't wait to see you learn and grow. {The tags at the tops I made up for her preschool friends and attached them to the tiny bubble bottles. Way better than cupcakes and way more fun.}


Annalia said...

Happy Birthday, Megs!

Great idea with the bubbles, Allicia!

the Holyoaks said...

Happy Birthday to Megan! Her first birthday party was Audrey's first friend party. I still remember how cute all the ladybug stuff you made was. I hope you all have a happy celebration!