May 29, 2011

Memorial Day

{Photo taken at Rosecrans National Cemetery. May 2010}

A few days ago I attended an assembly at my son's school. As I looked around I became very emotional at what I saw around me. For all the horrible things in the world around us, I was able to see some good and hopeful things. I stood next to a Vietnamese family who was next to a Korean family. Several Mom's and Dad's in uniform were there also, trying to catch a glimpse of their child's award before they went to work. the local Rotary leader was there with 2 brand new bikes for two deserving children, a community service they have done with this school for years. The JROTC was there with 3 young men and one young woman in uniform to preform the flag ceremony, as well as their coach, a retired Colonel. After the flag was raised and the Pledge of Allegiance was said, all of the 480some children continued to stand to sing God Bless America. Families around me sang in their native tongues and Military Member's stood at attention. I have to say it touched me. There are good things in the world and we live in a country where good things happen every day. In our country people have freedom to express their beliefs even if they aren't popular. We live with the basic human rights of life and physical safety, to worship how and whom we may according to our own hearts and to speak without fear of physical recrimination.
 {Seattle Temple March 2009}

We believe all men, regardless of their corner of the globe should also have these basic rights and on Memorial Day we celebrate and remember with gratitude the men and women throughout the centuries who have died for those rights.
I am grateful not only for my husband and his service, but those who encouraged and helped him along that path, as well as all of the family and friends who have also served our country. What a wonderful country we live in and despite the issues we have, we always have hope.


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